Triathlon Athlete ‘Massively Improved’ With ‘Numerous Personal Bests’


Dear Edel & Katherine,

I would just like to take this time to thank you and Katherine for the help you have given me over these last couple of years.

My back problem is completely under control which has meant my passion for triathlons and going to the gym are not affected, in fact my training has massively improved to the point where I have had numerous personal bests and recently only just missed out on qualifying to represent Great Britain in my age group.  I really can’t thank you guys enough for this.

I can’t thank you guys enough, I will continue to see you guys to help maintain the results and can’t recommend you and your team enough.

Many thanks Martyn

Martyn W

“Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers”


Hi Edel I just wanted to give you a quick update – My husband was so excited about his appointment last night. He was walking round the living room like Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers as his knees would bend at last! I even had to video him as he looks like he is walking less pigeon toed than I have ever known him in 20 years – and he wouldn’t believe me until I showed him the video!

It has so been worth cajoling him into coming to see you.  (As I told him it would be!!).

Thank you!!

Yvonne B

I had had this leg pain for a while which was getting worse and I was told it was sciatica.


Nothing helped, so in desperation I thought I’d try something different and visited Edel.

It was different to how I’d imagined it, and I felt she understood what I’d been going through.  The treatments made such a difference, and I’m now completely better.

I wish I’d known about this treatment sooner as it’s made such a difference to my quality of life.

Thank you so much.

Sara H

I suffered from terrible pain and discomfort from what was diagnosed by my doctor as Carpal Tunnel.


My husband had previously seen Edel for a back problem and recommended that I see if she could help.  Straight away, Edel made me feel very much at ease and examined me from head to foot, not just the area of the pain. She soon established that the problem did not originate from my wrist but instead my shoulder.

Edel has helped me enormously. I always feel very relaxed during my treatments, even the acupuncture. I love the fact that Edel considers the treatment as encompassing the whole body and not only the area that may be causing the pain. She is always happy to answer questions and is very easy and relaxing to be around. She is always incredibly professional.

I still see Edel when my shoulder needs a little work and would really, really recommend her work. She is brilliant and such a lovely person! You will be surprised at how much she can help, even where doctors may have prescribed an alternative course of action-call her!

Lisa R

Thank you for fitting me in so quickly today, it was most appreciated.


Just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and the way I was instantly put at ease. I am already feeling a lot easier. Still twinges here and there but miles better than before I came to you.

Richard H

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